Forget Baby Jesus & Worship This Rev. Moon Video!

The Bush Family loves Rev. Moon and hates our Lord Jesus! - WonketteOn the off chance anybody is working in DC today, here's something to do that's more work-safe than cruising Casual Encounters: an hourlong video about Washington's Favorite Newspaper Publisher and King of the Universe, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon!

We only watched about 3 minutes of this thing, as we're actually expected to produce work today, but it's a fancy BBC production and it starts off in the Capital of the Free World: Reno, Nevada. Basically you can't go wrong and maybe this will absolve you of the Sin of worshiping the Baby Christ Child yesterday.

In other words, consider this the official "What'd you give/get for Xmas?" comment thread. Feel free to hate on your relatives, because they're going to Ultimate Hell anyway, unless they're Moonies.

King of the Universe [BBC]


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