Forgotten DC Frat-Bar Group Posts Failed Reality Show To Website


They brought dignity back to Washington ....It is impossible to remember this now, but a couple of years ago DC was full of douche Republican youngsters with popped collars and confederate-flag bras who congregated at a Georgetown bar to tell jokes about coloreds. And, for many years, the biggest aspiration of these dildos/dildettes was to have a teevee Reality Show about their lives, which consisted of spending their parents' money, getting abortions, "up skirt finger banging," and either a) finding a six-figure job as a lobbyist for baby poison or napalm, or b) marrying a guy who gets such a job, and moving to Vienna or Reston and never having to see public transportation or a negro or a cute hipster girl ever again. What ever happened to that reality show, anyways?

This is what happened, according to a tragic LNS email we decided to read today:

Blonde Charity Mafia, the critically acclaimed DC reality show originally based on LNS, recently aired 6 episodes on MTV in the United Kingdom. The miniseries takes an in-depth look at the inner-workings of high-stakes DC lobbying through the lens of Pyle & Associates vice-president Sophie Pyle, as well as the charity circuit catered to the lobbying community. The height of poignancy in the series occurs when two professional lacrosse players are depicted in a scenic montage on the National Mall discussing the best way to break into this seemingly impenetrable world. BCM was bolstered by cameo appearances from Roby Penn and Andrew Baldwin, as well as an intimate date scene in a smoke-filled back room of Georgetown's City Tavern Club. All six episodes have been posted on LNS. (Click the red play button, close the popup and then press the green play button.)



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