Former Bachmann Campaign Manager Ed Rollins: Unlike Michele Bachmann I Am Not Evil Or Nuts


Now that Sen. John McCain has put on his biannualIntegrity Cloak again, and denounced Michele Bachmann's Arab Hunt from the Senate floor, a few other people would like to get into the act. One is Bachmann's former campaign manager, Ed Rollins, who also worked for Reagan and Mike Huckabee and would like you to know that, hey man, just cause he was Bachmann's campaign manager and tried to make her president of the United States doesn't mean he too is a dangerous nut!

I have been a practitioner of tough politics for many decades. There is little that amazes me and even less that shocks me. I have to say that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s outrageous and false charges against a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin reaches that threshold.

Her unsubstantiated charge against Abedin, a widely respected top aide to Secretary Hillary Clinton, accusing her of some sort of far-fetched connection to the Muslim brotherhood, is extreme and dishonest.

Having worked for Congressman Bachman’s campaign for president, I am fully aware that she sometimes has difficulty with her facts, but this is downright vicious and reaches the late Senator Joe McCarthy level.

Could someone please explain to Ed Rollins that Joe McCarthy is teh Awesome now?

When your Editrix was teaching poli sci at the University of California (ahem!), she once watched a panel with Ed Rollins, and oh, he was so charming and self-effacing and actually witty, and he said such very nice things about both Hillary and Bamz! And she ended up with a bit of a (very asexual) crush. He even totally ragged on Lee Atwater and Willie Horton (and made ever so much fun of $100 Million Man Rudy Giuliani)! But then your Editrix's mother, Commie Mom, pooh-poohed that Rollins deserved no credit for bagging on Horton since he was merely trying to come down on the right side of history. “I fucking HATE THAT GUY!” she said. “Ed Rollins is the WORST. He’s so smug about what a great, decent guy he is! And as far as Willie Horton goes, everybody, left or right, knows it was a disgusting thing to do. It was no skin off his nose to say so, and he gets to look like a straight-talker.”

And Commie Mom was totally right. So now, reading this Fox News-hosted, Rollins-penned lambasting of Ms. Bachmann-If-You're-Nasty -- well, it would have been more impressive if Rollins hadn't just jumped on McCain's Straight Talk Caboose. Even if he can pull a shiv on his own former clients with the best of them.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

Rebecca Schoenkopf is the owner, publisher, and editrix of Wonkette. She is a nice lady, SHUT UP YUH HUH. She is very tired with this fucking nonsense all of the time, and it would be terrific if you sent money to keep this bitch afloat. She is on maternity leave until 2033.


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