Kirk Fordham, high level congressional staffer, resigned today. Here's why that's a sorta big deal in three or four sentences:

Fordham was a close friend and former campaign manager, Chief of Staff, and general minder to Mark Foley. He'd moved to Tom Reynold's office, where he was acting as CoS when the Foley emails were first taken to Reynolds, and when they broke publicly. He was also the guy who a) was "advising" Foley as he announced his resignation and b) the guy who promised Brian Ross and ABC an exclusive on said resignation if they didn't run the IM transcripts. So he did fuck himself on that one, yeah.

But he seems to be a halfway decent guy, as his sword-falling to protect Messrs. Hastert and Reynolds demonstrates.

Update: Also he is GAY. Gay gay gay. Tomorrow we'll let you know which other Foley scandal players are also gay. Here's a hint: all of them.

Congressional Aide Resigns as Foley Investigation Intensifies [AP via NYT]


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