Former Fred Thompson Manager Shamelessly Begging For Employment

Former Fred Thompson Manager Shamelessly Begging For Employment

If you played a leading role in disastrous Fred Thompson's presidential campaign, can youreally expect to find employment ever again? Why, you'd be lucky if the U.S. government didn't deport you to Gitmo for embarrassing America's good so-so name! One ex-Thompson aide, Sean Hackbarth -- the "Co-eCampaign Director" for Grampa Freddy -- is finally facing this reality, and it hurts. On his personal blog, Hackbarth posted a shameless, whiny plea under the headline "Job Hunt Continues." It starts, "After Fred Thompson ended his Presidential run I thought landing a new job wouldn't be as hard as it has been." Yes, well, that kind of illogical thinking neatly sums up his current hobo status.

After complaining about how depressed and unemployed he is, and posting his resume, he then gets to the REAL issue at stake: "Also, my finances are pretty tight. I wish I didn't have to do this but I would really appreciate you putting a few bucks into my tip jars." Well our hearts sure are crying out for him! Apparently few others are, however, given this delightful update: "Hey, webloggers I'm not feeling the linky love. What, you don't like me?"

Aww! Well here's your link, Fred Thompson website guy. In fact, we'll even advertise the brilliant work that was on display at -- your magnum opus -- last week:

Huzzah! Somebody hire this man, if you care about Success!

Job Hunt Continues [The American Mind]


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