Former Ohio Secretary Of State Now Working As 'Black Reporter'

Cranky Ken Blackwell hates ObamaWonkette receives lots of tips from crazy old cranks who want us to know that the Clintons were mean to their Secret Service detail, and the Likud plotted with China to cover up Nixon's assassination. So it's refreshing to get a relatively straightforward email like the one we got this morning, titled "A Black Reporter's Assessment Of Obama." But you'll never guess who this "black reporter" is!

It's former Ohio Secretary of State and failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell, the man who helped tip the 2004 election to George W. Bush by disenfranchising thousands of black voters in Cleveland. Shockingly enough, this fellow -- now writing a column for the New York Sun, which makes him a reporter the way that the hamster slaves here at Wonkette are Think Tank Analysts -- finds that Barack Obama has a "radical agenda" that "sets him far outside the American mainstream, to the left of Mrs. Clinton."

And now people are emailing each other this column with the subject line "A Black Reporter's Assessment Of Obama" with helpful hints like "Your freedom and paycheck is greatly at risk should this man be elected...and, here's why" because they are idiots.

Beyond Obama's Beauty [New York Sun]


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