Former Pretend Congresswoman Poised For A Comeback!

Dracula Cunt for Veep!Even if our coveted Wonkette endorsement failed to put Chris Peden over the top, we are delighted to think we had a hand in Dr. Shelley "Dracula Cunt" Sekula Gibbs' miraculous comeback in last night's primary. Dr. Gibbs once served in Congress as Tom DeLay's replacement for seven glorious weeks, and now the voters of Texas' 22nd Congressional District have said loud and clear: Seven More Weeks!

Last night, 30 percent of Republican District 22 voters cast a ballot for Dracula Cunt, who once vowed to reform the tax code and fix the Iraq war in under a month. Pete Olson, a former aide to Senator John Cornyn, netted 21 percent of the vote. A runoff is scheduled for April 8.

Because Wonkette played such a vital role in Dr. Congresswoman Sekula Gibbs' triumph in the primaries, we will be watching this race with extreme interest going forward.

GOP takes aim at Democrat in seat once held by DeLay [AP]


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