Four More Years

* Fred Thompson hopes that the time he pretended to be a Watergate investigator will be good enough for the American people to let him pretend to be president. More likely though, they'll want him to continue to pretending to be a prosecutor on the teevee. [NYT]

* Convenient timing for the California GOP to have a come-to-Jesus about the electoral college. [WP]

* Bush will continue to lie and say crazy things and then send more troops into Iraq while we're all standing around with our jaws on the floor. [NYT]

* Republicans love Hillary Clinton because frothing, wild-eyed hatred is the only way they can see keeping the White House. [Politico]

* As Americans, it's our duty to increase the number of nations employing children as soldiers, and that's why we invaded Iraq. [LAT]

* The next generation of Democrats crash and burn early. [USAT]

* Ann Romney's got some shit to say too, but she's busy cooking and making babies. [BG]

* "Four more years" of Clintonism surely spells disaster for a nation that just recently began heading in the right direction. [CT]


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