Four To Six Months?! Bye, Iraq!

Time to give up, Jorge! - WonketteCarl Levin -- incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee -- says we're starting a "phased withdrawal" within six months. We'd have more details, but CNN decided not to show his press conference. Better to have a reporter pointlessly jabber over the video!

Meanwhile, Bush just emerged from a meeting with the mysterious Baker-Hamilton group and a separate meeting with Israeli PM Ehud Olmert. He looks confused, what with so many people (who aren't Cheney) telling him what to do, and muttered this bizarre statement before running back inside to cry: "What's interesting is they're beginning to understand that, with victory comes responsibility and I'm looking forward to working with the Democrats to achieve common objectives."

Meanwhile, Tony Blair just came out and endorsed the "secret" James Baker plan. Would one of you staffers please leak the report to us? We could win some kind of journamalism awards!

Bush Vows Not to Prejudge Iraq Report [ABC News]


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