The mentally ill dingbats at Fox and Friends devoted part of their program to calling kindly mom lady protester Stacy Hessler "disgusting filth" because she was so moved by the Occupy Wall Street protests that she left her teenage kids at home with their dad in Florida to participate at Zuccotti Park. B-b-but a woman's place is in the home with all her chilluns! HORROR. And that's all that Murdoch's banal goons have got, "lady Occupy Wall Street protesters trust their husbands not to kill the kids while they're out of town for a while." Meanwhile, the corporate welfare gorgons at Goldman Sachs withdrew their charitable donation to a credit union that serves the poor, just to be somehow even worse than usual.

From the New York Daily News:

Financial titan Goldman Sachs pulled out of a fundraiser for a small Lower East Side bank that caters to poor people after it learned the event's honoree was the group bashing them, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Credit Union, a local bank that lends to low-income families, secured the sponsorship of Goldman Sachs for its 25th anniversary gala before it announced who it was honoring.

When Goldman learned recently that Occupy Wall Street was being recognized at the Nov. 3 event, its bosses withdrew its name from the fundraiser and a $5,000 pledge.

The terrible poors can have their tiny monies back when they shut up and go home! [Crooks and Liars/ NY Daily News]


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