Well it is obviously Media Matters Day here on your Wonket, as they are our "idiotic Fox & Friends video" go-to, and Fox & Friends is on somewhatof a tear! Now? They're just asking!why NBC would give Barack Obama such a wet, tonguey blow job by doing ... a Hurricane Sandy benefit? Is that because hurricane relief and disaster management have liberal biases? (Of course it is. And it's obviously just Not Fair to mention a hurricane right after a hurricane happens, when Barack Obama is good at cleaning up after hurricanes, and Mitt Romney is bad at it.) But it is also because they are putting a whole bunch of rock stars on a stage, right before an election, and they are all liberals, and as Steve Doocy plaintively demanded, "HOW IS NBC GOING TO CONTROL WHAT PEOPLE SAY???"

Yes, NBC has already announced Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, and BRUUUUUCE -- because the aformentioned music-people are liberals, obviously, which fits right into NBC's pro-Obama dastardly plan. There is nothing else we could possibly see that they might have in common! And to add insult to liberalism, NBC has NOT announced plans to let Kid Rock, Meat Loaf, or The Nuge! onstage to invite Barack Obama to suck his machine gun! This is all the proof you need of NBC's TERRIBLE BIAS against awful musicpeople who threaten the president's life the great and very deep bench of conservative popular music!

NBC, get right! (So to speak.) Give us a little more this.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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