Fox Bravely Continues Wars On Nature, Math


Ha ha ha, new Secretary of State John Kerry is going to focus on climate change, what a fag! Everyone knows that climate change is just a theory, duh, and for that matter, so is science! Do you have a scientist who can confirm that E = MC squared? Because we have TEN scientists who can confirm that it does not! E = MC squared: some say that the inertia of an object depends on its energy content, and some don't, therefore it is up in the air, because that is how things work on Fox news.

Today's video begins with one of Fox News' blonde anchorladies talking about John Kerry and his interest in focusing on climate change: he wants to make it a top priority, but should he be doing that given "all of the challenges" we are facing at home and abroad?

Yes, of course he should be doing that, says a lady who is a "Fox News Contributor" even though she isn't blonde and is capable of citing "facts" and "evidence" to prove her point.

But facts, schmacts! As a great man once said, "You can use facts to prove something that isn't even REMOTELY true!" so pfft on your stupid facts, lady. Here, let the man on the right mansplain to you about Solyndra, OK, and about how he can give you TEN climate-change-denying scientists for every ONE that acknowledges its existence.

This, of course, is not true. 97% of climate experts agree that there IS such a thing as climate change, and that it is kind of a big deal! But let's still give Fox News a round of applause for proudly waging the war on math, for the good of the economy.



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