Fox & Friends: Are Millionaires Who Abandon US To Flee Taxes 'Just Greedy'?


Not even sure what is going on here. Doocey is missing. Has he run off to join the circus? Gretchen is gone. Is she at Betty Ford? And we are left with only rapey-faced Brian Kilmeade Some Other Guy to spout the proper talking points about millionaires Going Galt and leaving the US over waaah high taxes? Brian Kilmeade can't do it alone, guys! He needs his morning gang of pals for just the right chemistry (TNT). (UPDATE: That rapey-faced man isn't Brian Kilmeade either! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH OUR FOX & FRIENDS???) And he is getting no help from the relief players either, like this lady, Alisyn Camerota, who says of the millionaires, "Are they just greedy?" because the country "allowed" said millionaires to get rich in the first place, with its infrastructure investments and government spending? And she wraps with "That does send the message that you care more about your money than you do about your country"? WE WILL HAVE NO MORE OF YOUR CLASS WARFARE, FOX & 'FRIENDS'!

Won't somebody bring Gretchen Carlson back so we can have our bracing morning pile of hatey eyes? Or did Kilmeade break her for ever this time? Let's watch again, and ponder.

Yeah, Kilmeade probably broker her forever. Sorry Gretchen. You were too pure for this world. Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold. [MediaMatters]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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