Fox & Friends Newshounds Find Buried Lede In Lester Holt Trump Interview: Holt Rudely Asked Questions!

NBC News had a great big interview with Donald Trump Thursday, in which Trump made all kinds of news by completely overturning his administration's entire spin campaign on why James Comey was fired and just flat out admitting it was to obstruct justice instead. Forget all that stuff about how Comey handled Hillary Clinton's emails or the Justice Department's memo -- Trump just up and acknowledged he'd fired Comey because the Russia investigation is a made up story, and why keep investigating him if it's fake? So it only stands to reason the folks at Dead Breitbart's Home For Instant Rage would tackle the revelations head on by completely ignoring them and accusing Lester Holt of being a Very Rude Man in a brief teaser clip NBC released:

Is firing the guy who's investigating you an obstruction of justice? Who cares -- didn't you see that clip of Holt interrupting Trump and talking over him several times? It sounded more like an interrogation than an interview! And instead of letting Trump ramble on forever, Holt butted in to try to keep Trump on track, because if interviewers don't stop to refocus him, Donald Trump will quickly veer off into telling them one more time about how many electoral votes he got, and how hard the Electoral College is for a Republican, why, only twice in the past 20 years has a Republican won the Electoral College without even winning the popular vote!

The lackwits on the "Fox & Friends" couch took up the scandalous story this morning -- without mentioning it had come from Brietbart, even -- and were shocked, shocked, at Lester Holt's demeanor. Steve Doocy, ever the inventive fellow, said it "seemed like an interrogation!" And Brian Kilmeade said no interviewer would ever interrupt Barack Obama like that, even though as everyone knows, Obama's answers "are longer, more drawn out, and for many people who only get five minutes with the president, very frustrating" -- damn that Kenyan and his long thinky answers!

Somebody should remind Breitbart and Fox News that nine interruptions (in a compilation clip taken from a 30-minute interview) is really amateur work when it comes to interruptions. Hey, We can remind them right here! When Bill O'Reilly interviewed Barack Obama before the Super Bowl in 2011, Billo managed an impressive 48 interruptions, which Yr Wonkette compiled in one handy package:

As Yr Wonkette said at the time, "This is how real journalists do interviews, kids. Get your opinion across, and then if you have a few spare seconds, the person you’re interviewing can say some words too."

Also, Lester Holt doesn't know the first thing about interrupting a president. What a piker -- instead of arguing with Trump, he kept trying to get Trump to explain what he meant. Weirdo.

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