Donald Trump may have been pleasantly aggrieved to see his attorney general making up lies about mail-in ballot fraud on Fox News, and may have tweeted about that this morning, but we are guessing he was not happy with the mean sin words "Fox & Friends" said about him and his dumb campaign this morning:

STEVE DOOCY: I don't know who thought it was a good idea to put 20,000 people in a room, with masks optional.

Yeah, what kind of IDIOT?

You know, besides Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale and everybody else on the campaign, who knew they needed to throw this rally in order to make Trump feel better about his sad presidency, the same way they run ads in the DC media market to make him feel better, even though the chances of those ads persuading DC voters are slim to none. They lie to him to make him feel better -- about his shitty polls, about how many people are coming to his big Klan birthday party rally, all of it.

And Jared Kushner, the failson-in-law whose fingerprints are always found wherever failure manifests in the Trump administration.

Also Donald Trump, the supreme idiot himself, who was so excited about the ten gabillion people obviously coming to shower him with love, and then who became enraged when he found out that in the deep red state of Oklahoma, only 6,200 people didn't suddenly realize they were busy that day and skip it.

The "Fox & Friends" idiots agreed that the Trump idiots should try for outside events next time, where all the idiots wouldn't have to worry so much about coughing their idiot droplets all over each other. (They didn't say it as mean as Wonkette just did.)

Of course, Saturday's debacle happened against the backdrop of six members of the Trump campaign advance team testing positive for the novel coronavirus. And it happened in Oklahoma, a state where coronavirus is absolutely raging, even though Trump really wanted this rally to show everybody that the pandemic is totally over and America has shifted its focus onto Making America Great Again A Second Time Because The First Time Was So Successful, Obviously.

Even among Trump's supporters, it's pretty clear that the pandemic is real, and America just isn't that into Trump. As the New York Times reported:

[A] broad group of advisers and associates acknowledged to one another that Mr. Trump had not been able to will public opinion away from fears about the spread of the coronavirus in an indoor space. And they conceded that myriad polls showing Mr. Trump's eroded standing were not fake, and that he might be on course to lose to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic nominee, in November.

The Times adds that often they can successfully lie to him, but Trump was able to see all those empty blue seats for himself. Can't hide that one.

Trump has another rally event this week in Arizona, a state that, just like Oklahoma, is having a serious coronavirus spike. We can hardly wait to see how many tens of people show up for that one, but we bet it will be tremendous. After that, it's Wisconsin. Will Trump get the adulation he so craves?

Oh boy, we hope there aren't any ramps at his rallies this week. He has a hard time with those.

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