Photo: AP. Ring: Jacob the Jeweler - WonketteRoger Ailes, Fox News head, is BFF with Rudy Giuliani, adulterous abortion-funding GOP front-runner. Roger was Rudy's first media consultant, Rudy officiated Roger's wedding. Now, for come crazy reason, Rudy spends more time on Fox News than any of the other 600 candidates running for the Republican nomination! How could that be?

Back in the day, Roger used to bitch about how CNN President Rick Kaplan was buddy-buddy with then-President Clinton, but this is different, because Roger and Rudy like America.

Ailes and other Fox personalities, like Brit Hume, insist there's no favoritism in the Roger/Rudy relationship, but they are professional propagandists and liars.

Ailes is known for sending daily memos specifying exactly what Fox personalities will cover, how they cover it, and what they think about all sorts of important issues, so it's not much of a stretch to conclude he might be at least partly responsible for Sean Hannity's embarrassing man-crush on America's Little Dictator-in-Waiting, but spokespeople insist Roger is now too busy launching other Fox networks to care about those sorts of details anymore.

Still, though, Rudy has received 25% more Fox airtime than Mitt Romney, and twice as much as WALNUTS. Rudy even beat out TeeVee Star Fred Thompson!

Of course, the more people see of Rudy on television, the more everyone realizes how creepy and unpleasant he is, so we wouldn't be too surprised if this all backfires. Then Rudy might not invite Roger to his next 6 weddings!

In Fox News, Giuliani Finds a Friendly Stage [NYT]


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