Fox News Bravely Battles Bedbug Infestation

Mom?As everybody knows, the hedonists in New York frequently find themselves at the mercy of horrible little animals called "bedbugs" who are attracted to the stench of moral impurity. And recently, a swarm of these bloodsucking parasites overtook the Fox News offices in Midtown Manhattan! Yes, ha ha, it took a little while for employees to figure out the latest foul insect pest wasn't just Hannity's weekend replacement. Now we hear rumors that the source of the infestation has been identified and FIRED.

Our pals at Gawker got a tip that the fired employee was "a satellite desk guy who was greasy and gross." Hmm. Rove?

Bedbugs at Fox News [New York Times]

Fox Bedbug Culprit Found? [Gawker]


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