Fox News Conducts Most Important and Scientific Poll Of Primary Season

In a new Fox News poll released Friday, Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama 47% to 37%. Whatever. On the other hand, those genius statisticians at Fox News asked more mathematically revealing questions in their survey as well, leading to this conclusion:

The bad news for the former first lady is she is also seen as the candidate most likely to "do anything -- including something unethical -- to win," and most likely to embarrass the country.

Yes! She will, that Clinton... always embarrassing... wait, what's the question?

By embarass you mean like, she'll pull America's pants down during the State of the Union? Put its hand in hot water when it's asleep and watch it pee the bed? Or maybe you mean, say, consolidate all of America's power into the executive office, declare half-baked unilateral wars, bloat the deficit, pander to our basest emotions, ruin the environment, widen the wealth gap and lay to waste America's image abroad and at home? I want that one!

[Fox News via Veracifier]


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