Oh look, a new children's film starring Muppets with the controversial theme "greed is bad" is the scandal-du-jour over at used dildo recycling plant Fox News? Sure. Last Friday the Fox News business channel presumably had some airtime to fill to avoid any lengthy discussion of the Labor Department's positive jobs report, so actual tumor Eric Bolling randomly freaked out about the name of the fictional villain of the new Muppets movie, "Tex Richman." It's an anti-capitalist message for the childruns, see! Bolling is back again with another panel of venal idiots to belabor his confused non-point, as underscored by the fact that for most of the segment they appear to be discussing the mind terrorism of Sesame Street interchangeably with that of the Muppets. A five-year-old knows the difference, but these Fox News rejects are condemned to struggle with such lofty perceptions.

They also struggle with English! Our favorite is the jabbering fool at 2:49 who declares that children "get impressionized" by these things, whatever that SAT word is that we have never heard. The segment concludes with the lady panelist telling the three male panelists that she feels like they are just beating her up, for not letting her speak.

Come now, parents, wouldn't you rather have our youth watching the children's programming on Fox News, to learn rudeness, illiteracy and greed? [Media Matters]


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