Fox News Does Its Part In War On Science, Demands 'Recount' Of Weather Temperatures


Oh good, Fox News, critical thinkers that they are, are DETERMINED to bring you the truth about so-called "climate change," which may or may not be real given that "some people" continue to point out that it is just a "theory." As we all know, if "some people" believe something, it is worthy of including in a news story, for "balance":

Back in 2010, a memo leaked from Fox News in which its managing editor informed his staff that they couldn't even report on basic temperature measurements without noting they were subject to controversy in some quarters, even if those quarters are out past the fringes of the scientific community.

Yes, you read that right, TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENTS -- not "broader conclusions surrounding temperature" but the temperature itself -- is subject to controversy. Poor Fox, they do not understand how math or science works, which is probably OK in some ways since their audience is similarly inclined. Anyway, was it hot this past year or what? No. No it wasn't. And if it was, who are you going to believe: Fox, or your lying eyes?

Just days after NOAA released its reading of last year's US temperatures, Fox responded with a report in which it questions whether NOAA is producing accurate temperature readings...At issue are the historic US temperature records. These are generated from stations maintained by the US government. Over the course of 100-plus years, many of these stations have been moved to new locations or had their equipment replaced. These events create a break in the record. To generate its historical analysis, NOAA has to identify the breaks and perform an analysis that matches up the two end-points, creating a single, continuous record.

Here is the thing about this analysis: a separate investigation conducted by the Berkeley Earth Project treated those two sets of data as independent temperature records and came up with the exact same conclusion as NOAA. Their conclusions were not the same as Steve Goddard, a.k.a. "some guy," who Fox cited in its report, but opinions are like assholes. Meanwhile, let us all continue to enjoy the unseasonable weather as we creep ever forward towards the point of no return. What happens after we hit the point of no return, you might be wondering? Oh, not much. Best to just continue sitting here and debating climate change, for the sake of "balance."

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