Fox News Encourages Old Poor People To Try 'Photoshop'

Fox News Encourages Old Poor People To Try 'Photoshop'

Cable channel Fox News needs content for its website, but of course Fox News stories consist of some video clips from a space movie, a weird chart with random numbers, and a couple of words like "socialist." Tough to turn that into a few paragraphs on a web page. And that's why America's sad old unemployed people have been asked to make crappy photoshops for Mr. Murdoch's web concern.

Pointlessly titled "Photo Op-inion," as if that makes some kind of sense, this special feature encourages angry slobs to try out that "Paint" program on the 'puter:

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, these images say it with pictures instead of words. Click through the images and then show us your talent by creating a photo op-ed for the NEXT slideshow.

And then, just to avoid Media Matters or whatever scold complaining about whatever dumb/vile image on America's Number-One News Channel's website, there's this disclaimer: None of the images were created by Fox News. Hooray for not paying for content!

Plus, it's a lot easier to "say it with pictures instead of words" when you're flunked out of fifth grade. [Fox News Photo Op-inion]


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