Fox News Executive Curses Like Quaint Sailor

We were very excited to see the details of the sex harassment suit filed against a Fox News executive, but those looking for another loofa will be disappointed. No falafel porn, just some PG-13 office cursing, the most ribald of which was his comment that "a pregnant woman had 'tits' that were 'f---ing huge' and like 'cannons' or 'melons.'" Well, were they? Isn't truth a complete defense? Maybe that's something else. In any case, Fox only disputes one detail in the case:

The EEOC says that Chillemi use the phrase "as useless as tits on a bull" in front of women. Mintz said that's not the precise language. The phrase isn't 'as useless as tits on a bull';  it's 'as useless as teats on a bull'. It's something that's useless. It's not a sexual commment."
Oh, please. What a pussy.

Fox News: Bad Language Isn't Illegal [B&C]


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