Fox News Expert Explains Trayvon Martin Died Of 'Street Attitude' Plus Some Bullet Wounds


Here is former NYPD detective Harry Houck bringing his hard-boiled perspective to Fox News on Tuesday, serving up a generous helping of No-Nonsense Tough Talk in a panel discussion about the second day of jury selection in George Zimmerman's trial. Harry Houck is NOT IMPRESSED by the likelihood that the prosecutor lady will talk about how Trayvon was merely a kid carrying a can of iced tea and some Skittles, because the Skittles are not the issue here, dude, and for that matter neither is the potentially deadly iced tea. No, we're talking about drawing a line in the sand and protecting our neighborhoods from swaggering thugs (who live in those neighborhoods) and their shocking lack of deference to the legitimate authority of an armed  Neighborhood Watch guy (who the 911 dispatcher told not to follow the kid).

"She was talking about the Skittles that he had, and the Coca-Cola [sic] that Trayvon Martin had...That doesn’t look good, you know, for the defense because [the prosecution is] injecting something into their minds. Like, this is a little kid with candy walking around the street."

"Listen, Trayvon Martin would be alive today, okay, if he didn’t, alright, have a street attitude...That’s the bottom line."

Why didn't Martin just tip his hat, or step off the sidewalk like his kind are supposed to? It is good to see that the focus is back on the shooting victim, where it belongs.

Houck does Hard Boiled Detective fairly well, we think -- though all in all, we think George Pelecanos does it a lot better, with the added benefit of not just assuming that "black teenager" equals "needs a 9 mm attitude adjustment."

[RawStory via Mediaite]

Doktor Zoom

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