Fox News Hires Flexible Reporter

juliebanderas.jpgA disgruntled Wonkette reader vents: "After being FIRED at the end of January for having pictures taken of her simulating sex in the local NYNY Fox affiliate's truck with a married colleague, this ho (Julie Banderas) has been hired by Fox News (as of March 9th) to be a reporter! Unbefrigginlievable."

Unbefrigginlievable is right! Because apparently, a hearty appetite for fake truck-sex is not Banderas' only attribute. In January, the Daily News, bragging that it had the pix to prove it, reported: "There's one of Banderas (beer in one hand, cigarette in the other) straddling a man in the front seat, their crotches pressed together and her ankles wrapped around his head...And did you know she can lick her own chest with her unusually long tongue?"

What is wrong with the cable news industry when it takes someone with a resume like that over a month to get a new job?

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