Fox News Launches Another Comedy Show, Starring Michelle Malkin

Cult comedienne Michelle Malkin is about to bring a new dose of hilarity to Fox News, which is moving to an all-comedy format.

Like Andy Kaufman! - WonketteMalkin's outrageous minority-hating-minority act has won the comic a small yet loyal audience of online post-modernists. Fox producers hope the routine will translate to video and perhaps even lead to eventual mainstream acceptance of her obnoxious act.

Fox made a fortune bringing the Jew-baiting homophobic foreigner "Borat" character to a wide audience in movie theaters, even if most of the people believe "Borat" is a real man who has the right ideas. Producers hope Malkin's vulgar and offensive shtick might one day attract a tiny fraction of the "Borat" audience.

It's Out There [Fox News]


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