Fox News' Mike Tobin Says He Was Attacked By Wisconsin Protester


Masses of people in Wisconsin have been peacefully protesting for weeks now, because of their governor's decision to take away worker's rights for no good reason; not a single protester in Madison haseven been arrested. But that hasn't stopped Fox News from trying to convict them all. Witness this hilarious report from Fox's Mike Tobin on Sunday, pretending a whole bunch of protesters were going to get violent, get shot by tear gas, and get arrested. These people are from the Midwest, so they're spending their time at the protest kindly knitting with each other, but that won't stop this Fox guy from saying they "hit" him. RIGHT-WING BLOGOSPHERE POWER RANGERS, IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!

Why won't these protesters let Tobin do his reporting? He just wants to pretend these protesters are violent communist thugs who will all soon be thrown in prison for trying to murder him. Truth is one viewpoint, and pretending is another viewpoint. It's a diversity of viewpoints, and these protesters hate diversities of viewpoints because they are viewpoint racists.

Magically, this "news" report was wrong: No protesters have been arrested, even though Tobin was trying to provoke them. But if you turn on Fox News, you will learn the real truth: that Fox just ordered 11 episodes of a new soap opera about violent Wisconsin protester terrorists. [The Blaze]


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