Fox News Sets Up Voter Intimidation Tip Line To Protect You From Blacks


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For years, ACORN and the New Black Panthers have stood outside polling stations to intimidate US. Why would a good (white) citizen even try to go into such a place? Obviously, they would be murdered on the spot. And yes, although democracy is worth dying for, it's not worth dying and MISSING A WHOLE SEASON OF NCIS or Ghost Whisperer or whatever the old people watch on their CBS. Thankfully, Fox News is rescuing us from these scary dark-skinned people, by setting up an e-mail tip line of their own so that you can fire up the AOL and alert them that a real, live black person has been spotted in your hamlet this election day.

In a segment on Megyn Kelly's show today, she explained that the Justice Department "has promised to be on the lookout for what it calls voter intimidation next week."

In other words, the Justice Department is looking to HIRE SOCIALIST "CENSUS" WORKERS to stand outside the votin' box and the general store and look at you with their black-people eyes. Thus, it's important that Fox has its own real voter suppression effort. And perhaps hires some people dressed up as werewolves to scare the people scaring the innocent little conservative white voters. [TPM via Wonkette operative "Beth M."]


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