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White Virginia Mom: Critical Race Theory Turned My Black Son Black

This is a real thing we saw on our TV.

Here’s the latest pathetic entry in the critical race theory panic: Virginia mother Melissa Riley, currently in the running for the whitest woman alive, is suing her 13-year-old Black son’s school district because its antiracism program has given him a case of the "uppities."

No, really, here’s the video from Media Matters:

PREVIOUSLY: Here’s The POS Who Scared Your Conservative Relatives With Lies About Critical Race Theory

During her Fox News interview (of course), Riley insisted her son was nice and docile before the Albemarle School District exposed him to voodoo “critical race theory,” and now he’s sullen and difficult. Perhaps she’s never met a teenager before, but it’s possible that puberty’s the true culprit here. Before she blamed the school, she could’ve at least checked if her son had started wearing a mood-altering red kryptonite ring.

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Right Wing Extremism

White GOP Governor Bros Tell Sunday Shows About All The Abortions They're About To Ban

We watch so you never have to!

The Sunday shows, as always, were a festival of horribleness this weekend.

So let's talk about abortion with some GOP governors!

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt on 'Fox News Sunday'

On "Fox News Sunday," host Shannon Bream interviewed Oklahoma GOP Gov. Kevin Stitt about a law he signed that would make performing abortions punishable with up to 10 years in jail and $100,000 in fines. Bream cited research showing up to 51 percent of Oklahomans believe abortion should be legal. Stitt countered with alternative facts:
STITT: Well, some of those -- your -- some of those different facts or those newspapers that you're quoting are not what we find with the people in Oklahoma. [...] The representatives are elected from all over the state of Oklahoma, probably 80 percent to 90 percent passage in our state. So, I totally disagree with those numbers.

Bream pointed out his anti-abortion bill doesn't make exceptions for rape or incest. When asked what he'd say to women in such situations, he sounded tone deaf and insincere:

STITT: Well, first off, super compassionate about that. I have daughters, cannot even imagine what that would be like and that hardship. [...] We're going to do everything we can to protect life and love both the mother and the child.

Super-duper compassionate that Oklahoma will force you to have your rapist's baby.

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fox news

Time For Another Episode Of 'Regular Normal Conversations,' With Tucker Carlson And Glenn Greenwald!


You probably think the appropriate question about this clip of Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald talking on Tucker's "If Little House On The Prairie Was A Gay Porn" daytime set is "why?" But you are wrong, the question is "why not?"

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fox news

Fox News's 'The Five' Had Some Pretty Neat Afternoon Chit-Chat Yesterday

Good times.

It's easy to forget that there are people all over the country who are at home during weekday afternoons, and they turn on Fox News and watch "The Five" like it is the real news. You know which one that is, it's got Judge Boxwine and Jesse Watters and Geraldo and known jokester Greg Gutfeld and somebody else, and they sit at a table and talk about what's hot, what's not, and so on and so forth.

So here they are making very hilarious commentary about how Sarah Silverman said on "The View" that she shares toothbrushes with her boyfriend, or something:

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