Post-Racial America

GOP School Board Flak's Brave Stand Against Children Of Color 'Feeling They Belong'

Because America is a zero sum game.

On September 14, a slate of rightwing candidates who stirred up fears of "critical race theory" won all five Republican primary spots in the school board elections for Guilford, Connecticut (population a bit over 22,000). For Mary Beeman, who managed the candidates' campaigns, it was quite the feather in her cap. Truly, she must know how to appeal to voters who care about excellence in education! Or maybe she just knew that not very subtle race-baiting can win Republican primaries these days, who can tell?

Unfortunately, in a big black eye for her reputation, Beeman's own racist comments in a University of Connecticut online forum on "critical race theory" were noticed by Hartford TV station WFSB, which reported on the comments yesterday. The station didn't specify when the forum took place, but it had a screenshot, and Beeman was quick to insist that heavens no, she didn't mean anything bad when she'd typed "Helping kids of color to feel they belong has a negative effect on white, Christian, or conservative kids." Of course she didn't! Here's the video, cued up to the story so you don't have to be confused by several minutes of silence at the start, yeesh, guys, you work in teevee.

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fox news

Oh Look, It's The Tucker Carlson/Andrew Yang Bonerfest Literally Everyone Saw Coming

Hope you had a nice day off, Glenn.

We know it's probably too soon, but y'all should know that immediately after Andrew Yang broke up with you — it's not your fault, it's just that he needs his independence — he rebounded with Tucker Carlson. Because when you're looking to get rid of all this partisanship and make some third party unity happen, where you gonna go? Tucker, obviously.

Or as our pals at Lawyers, Guns & Money put it:

[T]here are two things a third party not of the right can accomplish in the current system: 1) electing Republicans or 2) nothing. That's it. When America's most prominent white supremacist and anti-vaxx bingo caller invites him on, he know what he's doing.

Oh pshaw, we bet all Tucker's viewers signed up for Yang's "Forward" Party last night. And if they didn't, well, it's probably Democrats' fault, somehow. Maybe Yang and Tucker's other BFF groupie Glenn Greenwald can make a video explaining everything the Democrats did wrong while they feed Tucker grapes.

Anyway, want to see how their date went? Here's Tucker telling Yang that the Unabomber had some pretty good ideas.

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Conspiracy theories

Senate's Dumbest Republican Went To See A Man (Tucker) About Some Horse Paste

It just gets stupider and stupider.

Tucker Carlson and Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson sat together on TV last night, squinting their dirty little beady eyes at each other and spreading conspiracy theories about COVID-19, which is still hospitalizing and killing Americans every day, primarily unvaccinated people. Of course, there are breakthrough cases, and there are exceptions, but overwhelmingly it's the unvaxxed, and overwhelmingly, it's in the South.

So it's morally fine for Tucker Carlson and Ron Johnson to lie to whichever Fox News viewers aren't sick or dead yet, right? Sure, it's probably fine.

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Fox News So Mad Tammy Duckworth Gets Veterans Tax Break, Like Some Kind Of Veteran!

This is a new low.

Fox News published an exposé Sunday on Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth from Illinois that revealed she's paid no property taxes on her Chicago home since 2015.

Of course, Fox News made it seem as if Duckworth uses one of Donald Trump's tax accountants or something.


We should never expect great journalism from Fox News, and technically, the story just links to a Chicago Sun-Times article from Friday with the headline, "You Pay More In Property Taxes Because 27,288 Cook County Homeowners Pay Nothing."

The Sun-Times piece opens with the line “No one likes to pay property taxes," which is a little cynical. Surely, someone somewhere looks at their tax bill, smiles, and says, “Man, I love funding public schools."

It's true that Duckworth doesn't pay property taxes, but it's not because she claims her own home as a business expense. No, she qualifies for this exemption because she's a veteran with a disability rating of 70 percent or higher, as determined by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

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