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Man, they're stickin' with it. Also Larry Kudlow is still dumb as shit.

Back during the financial crisis of 2008, there was a myth in wingnut world that the crash was caused by a law called the Community Reinvestment Act, which, according to the Republican lore at the time, FORCED innocent banks into making risky loans to unqualified people, AGAINST THEIR BETTER JUDGMENT, and now look what happened, Obama, NOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED, OBAMA, THANKS OBAMA.

It was an insidiously racist lie, a way for people like Rush Limbaugh (who was not a dead rotting carcass at the time) to blame a crisis caused entirely by rich white men on poor Black people. You know, like Republicans do.

But looking back on those heady days, we have to acknowledge that at least the lie had moving parts. At least they bothered in their bullshit to construct a myth around a specific law. At least they had a narrative of some sort, albeit a vile and racist and ultimately stupid one.

Witness the deterioration and decomposition of the Republican brain over the course of the last 15 years, and that is how you get to *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAART*IT WAS THE WOKE BANKS WHAT DID IT!

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Do Banks Fail Because They're Too Nice To Gays? Is That How The Financial System Works?

Fox News and Republicans know their constituents are stupid enough to believe this garbage. So they lie to them.

Unfortunately we have to spend another day mocking this "woke bank" shit, because Fox News and Republicans are still claiming Silicon Valley Bank collapsed because it was "woke."

OH NO MOCKING! What Caused The SVB Collapse? Could It Be ... WOKENESS?

Is that a thing? Is that a reason banks fail? Is there some kind of economic principle that says if you are too nice to gays, if you display your pronouns in your email signature, that your bank will fail? And was this bank even a known purveyor of pronouns?

Jesse Watters, your turn:

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'Fox & Friends' Idiot Ainsley Earhardt Just Saying Maybe It Is Time For BANK RUN!11!1!1!

Also: did that bank fail because of pronouns?

It may not be easy to quickly grasp exactly why Silicon Valley Bank collapsed. Heather Cox Richardson's newsletter is a good place to start.

Not a good place to start? The grunting idiots who sit on the "Fox & Friends" couch. Unfortunately there are people in America who turn on Fox in the morning and think they are watching the news. Dumbfucks might as well be watching cartoons.

And those dumbfucks got to see this highly intellectual discussion this morning, which included host Ainsley Earhardt saying BANK RUN!111! BANK ruUUUUUnnnn!NN!N!

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