Fox 'Psychiatrist' Keith Ablow: Let's Charge Michael Brown's Family With His Murder!


In the ongoing competition to blame every single person in America for the death of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown -- except, of course, for the guy who actually shot him to death -- Fox News "psychiatrist" Keith Ablow has the new, niftiest theory of all: it was Brown's family what done it!

It all started not when Michael Brown was killed, but when Brown's stepfather, Louis Head, shouted "Burn this bitch down!" after learning the Ferguson grand jury would not be indicting Officer Darren Wilson for shooting Brown dead because Wilson had a real good reason -- he was simply defending himself from the "demon" with super strength, as he was trained to do. But Brown's stepfather, well, he had absolutely no good reason to be mad about about that. As non-blond Fox bubblehead Brian Kilmeade keenly observed, Head "could be so-called grieving," so-called. But pffft, like that's an excuse for shouting swears! So-called grieving, unlike shooting kids to death, has no place in civil society.

But this isn't grieving, says Ablow. It's not even so-called grieving. And he is A Expert, so you really can't argue with him. At least, not without choking on your own vomit.

“It looks like retribution," Ablow explains, "and for a perceived injustice that the courts say did not occur." Because Darren Wilson went through the entire process of a trial and was found not guilty by a jury of his peers -- except for how none of that happened, but meh, details -- the courts have declared there was no injustice whatsoever. Which is why expressing outrage at this "perceived" injustice that an unarmed teenager was gunned down in the street after suspiciously jaywalking while black is so uncalled for. Sure, Brown is still dead, but where's the injustice in that?

Brown's totally justified death is entirely different from the de facto injustice of yelling angry words, which directly resulted in more people yelling more angry words and doing angry things -- an obvious indictment of the entire black race because they are always getting so mad all the time for no reason at all when their kids are gunned down by cops. Talk about overreacting!

As if expressions of fake grieving weren't criminal enough, Ablow has an even better reason for why Louis Head should go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not even bother with a grand jury because it is just so obvious that he should not be free to roam the streets, getting innocent demon kids killed with his shouting.

The investigation into Michael Brown’s death has ended, and now the investigation into his life should begin. And I would question whether having a stepfather like Michael Brown’s, this man who should be charged with attempting to incite a riot, influenced Michael Brown to lose his life and have no respect for the property of others, no respect for authority, and therefore to find himself engaged in a mortal conflict with a law officer, an officer of the law.

See, now that justice has been served and Officer Wilson has been found so innocent he doesn't even need to stand trial, it's time for us to further investigate the actual criminal, Michael Brown, and all the reasons why he deserves to be dead. Yes, police already made sure to inform us, immediately following Brown's death, that he was hopped up on reefer and rap lyrics, but for justice to truly be served, we need to do even more serious investigating into exactly how Brown went and got himself killed, which is just so typical of black kids.

This might sound unreasonable and completely insane, but fortunately Steve Doocy isn't afraid to ask the tough questions.

“Clearly he says those things, but the standard, the legal standard is, did he have the intent, was it premeditated, was he inciting a riot? And for that, that’s hard to prove.”

Sort of like how it’s hard, if not impossible, to prove that Officer Wilson had the premeditated intent to kill Michael Brown, which is why you don’t even bother with a trial to determine whether that was the case.

But in Ablow's opinion, this is an entirely different matter. “It may be hard to prove," he says, "but I don’t know if it’s that hard to prove with the tape in hand.”

Do we even really need to argue about what Head’s intent was? The facts are clear: he said some words, and chaos ensued. Isn't that proof enough? This is a simple matter. Unlike when a cop shoots his gun at an unarmed kid a dozen times, and the kid is dead, and gosh, it’s just far too complicated to figure it all out, so why bother?

The real injustice here is not the fact that Michael Brown is dead, since the grand jury determined that's not even what happened. Except for the fact that Michael Brown is dead, and it's his family's fault for being mad about it after the fact, and something must be done. Maybe an indictment, a trial, a prison sentence. Someone should pay for Brown's death, so why not his own family?

Like Ablow says, “The fact that he is the stepfather makes his culpable potentially for more than just those words, for the life of Michael Brown. And his death."

At least it's nice that the idiots on Fox are finally interested in justice for Michael Brown. Sort of.



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