Fox's Gretchen Carlson Tells Protesting Colorado Punks To Love It Or Leave It

Fox News lady Gretchen Carlson has just about had it with these radical extremist Denver-area high school students and theirunruly protests over proposed changes to the history curriculum. The walkouts have continued all week, and have spread to additional schools. And by golly, Gretchen is angry that these kids would dare to object to the school board's simple wish that they learn patriotism and respect for authority.

The kids are walking out, you'll recall, because a new conservative majority on the Jefferson County school board proposed a committee that would review all curricular materials to ensure that they "promote patriotic material, respect for authority, and the free-market system. In turn, the panel would avoid material about 'civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law.'"

Students are concerned that the proposal -- which has not been enacted yet -- would lead to whitewashed history classes that downplay slavery, segregation and the civil rights movement, the genocide of Native Americans, and other less happy parts of our history. Carlson wasn't buying it, starting the segment by asking reporter Trace Gallagher, "All right, what's up with these punks?"

The segment went on to explain that the new direction the board wants to take is merely protecting traditional American history from "left-leaning" revisions to the Advanced Placement US History framework. For instance, Gallagher said, pulling an example out of his ass, "Instead of teaching that the pilgrims did amazing things in talking about their accomplishments, they would teach that the pilgrims used capitalism to exploit people."

Carlson was pretty darned outraged over the whole thing:

The last time I checked, we were still living in the United States of America, where we have a National Anthem and the American Flag [you could hear the capital letters, really -- Dok Z]. Are they the next thing to be controversial and talked about being thrown out? How could being patriotic or learning about patriotism be a negative?

Considering this Denver Post photo of some patriotic Americans, we're guessing maybe the flag is safe -- at least for now?

Carlson also expressed disgust for what she sees as the protesters' hypocrisy:

Ironically, the new curriculum being proposed is all about promoting individual rights, like protesting!

The hypocrisy of complaining about people using that right went unnoted. Also, by protesting this proposal, the little punks are pretty much courting TOTAL ANARCHY:

It would also encourage that there be no disregard for the law. Isn’t that why we have laws on the books? Or have we come to the point where breaking the law is now an admirable choice?

If you're Henry David Thoreau or the organizers of lunch counter sit-ins, we'll go ahead and say that maybe that's a pretty admirable choice, yes.

Finally, Carlson wraps up with the age-old cry of the conservative:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for freedom of speech and the ability to gather and state your claim. But, quite frankly, if you don’t like it here, and you have a problem with promoting the basic freedoms that men and women have died for -- protesting for the rest of us and protecting us -- then get out!

Our Troops Died For Your Rights, you little punks, so don't you dare go and exercise them when I disagree with you.

[Denver Post / 7 News Denver / RawStory / TPM / image credits: Top: 7 News Denver screenshot; center: RJ Sangosti, Denver Post]

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