France Debates Naughty Pictures

miss%20france.jpgIn America, when we debate naughty things, we get Larry Flynt and Tipper Gore and "I know it when I see it" and sometimes, if y'all are lucky, Jenna Jameson before she got scary-skinny. In France, they get Valeria Begue. The recently crowned Miss France (from the island territory of Reunion) stirred quite the controversy (and many, many, um, hearts) when she won the crown and then was forced to contend with the publication of a few clothed-but-suggestive photographs. But, sacre bleu! This is France. And so the bishop of Saint-Denis de La Reunion and the French Minister for Overseas Territories Christian Estrosi weighed in with the Miss France organization and allowed Valeria to keep her crown. Vive la France! [Yahoo News]


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