Frances Townsend: Hot or Not?

frances fragos townsend 2.jpgAfter we professed our admiration for White House homeland security adviser Frances Fragos Townsend, we received a number of conflicting reader opinions about her. This reader strongly agreed with us:

More on Fran Townsend please. She's hot. Maybe some ice dancing, maybe some sandy beach pics. That would be great. Thanks.

Another reader, also a fan, compared Townsend to the undoubtedly attractive Campbell Brown (whom a different correspondent, one of our Wonk'd tipsters, clearly lusts after).

But some Wonkette readers couldn't disagree more:

What's up with your attraction to lipless, masuline "women"? Again, are we sure this person is female? In all seriousness, photoshop this picture by putting John Roberts hair and eyebrows on her and removing the lipstick. I'll see if I can manage it tonight when I'm not supposed to be billing my time and we can compare.

Fine, so Fran Townsend may not have Angelina Jolie lips. But that's nothing a little collagen can't fix!

We may have more to add about Ms. Townsend in the near future -- we received some very juicy gossip about her, which we are still vetting. If you know what we're talking about and can confirm or deny, please drop us a line.

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