Frances Townsend: She Can "Take Over Our Ports" Anytime

frances fragos townsend.jpgToday the White House issued a hefty, 228-page report identifying some of the many failures in the federal government's response to Hurricane Katrina. The report was submitted to President Bush by his homeland security adviser, Frances Fragos Townsend.

We'd list some of the report's 125 specific recommendations, telling you all about that new "National Homeland Security University" -- but we got a little distracted. We forgot all about the message, due to the hotness of the messenger!

It can't be denied: Frances Townsend is a striking, patrician beauty. Check out her mountain-high cheekbones; her glossy, perfectly coiffed hair; and her Hepburn-esque, swan-like neck. Mischa Barton should look this good in twenty years! (Detractors might say Fran Townsend resembles Katherine Harris; but this little hint of evil only makes her more alluring.)

Does anyone have any juicy gossip or interesting anecdotes to share about this homeland security hottie? If so, please email us -- or append a comment to this post.

(Please don't accuse us of sexism; here at Wonkette, we are equal opportunity oglers. If the White House Katrina report were authored by some hunky guy -- no, Michael Chertoff doesn't count -- we would have been equally distracted.)

White House Identifies Katrina Response Failures [WP]

White House Report Advises Revamping Disaster Response [NYT]


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