Franklin School Redevelopment

franklin schoolDon't let it be said that the District doesn't know how to treat its historic monuments. I mean, look at how nice we were to Strom Thurmond! And now, look at how great we're treating The Franklin School: Once a progressive public school, then the site of the first wireless radio transmission, then a homeless shelter, the building can now look forward to housing either an intern dorm or the next Soho House. Apparently there's some controversy about which use is "better," but Wonkette believes there really isn't much of a difference. Either way, it would be home to privileged young professionals interested in social climbing, free drinks, and getting laid. Pretty much in that order.

D.C.'s choice: The 'in' crowd . . . or interns [MSNBC]

Virtual Tour -- Franklin School [Goethe Institute]


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