Upon learning that family-values hero Mark Souder had resigned from Congress after admitting hisextramarital abstinence, the marriage-sanctifying gals at Concerned Women for America -- the Western Hemisphere's most important public policy women's organization, after Curves -- were in despair, about men. Ultimately they put down their tissues down, though, and brought forth a proclamation in which they blame Souder's affair on the U.S. Congress, a.k.a. "the frat house on the Hill."

Penny Vance, who is the most-concerned of all the Concerned Women, describes the connection between Washington livin' and Souder's lovin' in an emotional blog-prayer:

Those of us who have worked with Mark over the years know him to be a kind and thoughtful legislator. If Mark Souder is capable of sexual misconduct, it could happen to anyone. The frat house environment on Capitol Hill does nothing to encourage accountability. Most Members do not live with their families while they are working in D.C. during the week and have even ditched common rules of etiquette that even major corporations follow such as office doors with windows or careful examination of employee/boss interaction.

On Capitol Hill, marijuana grows where grass should be, and grain alcohol comes out of the faucets. Congressmen room with other congressmen, creating a sexual energy that leads them down the road to infidelity. King-sized charisma-pots like John Ensign and the other C Street Boyz peer-pressure folks into attending their raging kegger parties, which have directly led to the ends of hundreds of Congressional marriages. In such an environment, poor John Souder had no chance.

But now he's expelled himself from the Garden of Nerdly Delights called Washington and can return to Indiana, where the only temptations are methamphetamine and corn.

[Concerned Women for America]


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