Fred Becker on Jon Klein

Silver SurferTalk of a "Cooper d'etat" at CNN has media mavens buzzing. It's certainly more entertaining than anything actually on the network. Fred Beck agrees.

Dear Wonky-Tonky,


Could there possibly be a better reality show than the constant crashing series of car wrecks brought to us by CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein? Who could make you love Aaron Brown? Jon Klein! It’s not just the bad programming Klein endorses that make me want to feed him peat moss. His public comments are so creepy, his self- assurance so supremely misguided and his praise so residue spreading I need handiwipes whenever I read about him.


Anderson Cooper is the anti “anchor” Klein tells us. And I tell people I’m humble all the time. Really I am. There are just some compliments that are meant to be said by other people. Klein's frantic wake-up calls to every media writer about Cooper's star quality are going to initiate restraining orders. All that heavy breathing.

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 Al least he’s stopped writing all that piffle about journalistic integrity and storytelling on his chest and showing up shirtless at Giants games. The new theme? Good journalism is what’s happening to Anderson. Boy, how he emotes. Of course, the problem with this scheme is that the network is going to run out of tricks and the silver surfer is going to run out of emotions. Klein is going to have to make Cooper stub his toe before airtime or clock him with a digital thermometer each morning to get the juices going. The Fed raised rates now cry, damn you! Will they have to scrounge for the lower end of emoting? Distemper? Indigestion? Moody bowels?


I'm terrified frankly that by Christmas we're all going to be invited into Anderson's therapy sessions. Don't we already know enough about his mother?


Avoiding situations and rooms,

I remain,

Your claustrophobic scribe,



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