Fred Becker Strums Frum

One of the cattiest "socs" in the everyRepublican-versus-elitists Harriet Miers rumble is National Review writer David Frum, who endeared himself to us by saying what we all were thinking ("unscrupulous dissembler") and then taking it back. How does he get away with such would-be balliness? And is the White House frightened of their former speechwriter-turned-backbiter? We asked our SAO operative, Fred Becker, to make sense of it for us.

Dear Wiley Wonkette,


When is it going to happen that David Frum is called out? You must please do it now and with waiving torches. He can no longer pretend that he was an intimate in the Bush White House or really that he very much understands either the White House ethos (a Frum word!) or the political magic that Bush and Rove performed to win two national elections. He dines out on his time in the White House, but if you mention his name to anyone who ever had or has had any real power in the White House they will collapse in helpless laughter. There are warnings from OSHA in the West Wing that explicitly forbid mentioning his name near people drinking coffee for all of the scalding accidents that occur. As to the effluence in his columns? They should be read with a sneeze guard.

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I would be happy to let him go about his mediocre way but oh the sanctimony and self-promotion. It makes the pancreas ache! Getting your speeches rewritten from top to bottom by Karen, Dan and Mike is not something you should be proud about. And that was back when they were on their game.


He opines and blathers on but shouldn't there be a law? I was once against government intrusion into private affairs, but he is making me a big government, George Bush conservative.


I remain,

your truckling tragedian,



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