Fred Thompson: He is Famous

frednewyork.jpgWhat we learned about Fred Thompson in New York Magazine:

* His wife is secretly running his campaign and making him tell everyone about the cancer.

* Folksy

* From somewhere called "Tennessee"

* Charming

* All of his ex-girlfriends (Margaret Carlson, Sally Quinn) talk about how great he is on the TV and in newspapers without revealing that they had sex with him or acted as his bears or did whatever the hell asks of ladies.

* First marriage happened because he knocked a girl up.

* Was a shitty Senator.

* Loooooved Bill Clinton.

* This is the only anecdote that has ever made Fred sound vaguely appealing to us:

When New Hampshire Republican Bob Smith announced in his opening statement [at the Gore Buddhist temple fundraiser hearings], "It is probably the biggest scandal in the history of the Republic," Thompson turned to the Democratic side, rolled his eyes, and muttered, "Jesus Christ."

The Actor [NYM]


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