Fred Thompson, Heartbeaker

* Heard on the Hill:Jim Mills leaves Fox News for Fred Thompson... Stephen Colbert is in DC hunting for autographs... Rep. Gary Miller fiercely denies slipper-wearing... Sen. John Kerry protects puppies everywhere with a proposal for anti-Vick legislation ... Sen. Mike Enzi better be glad that we don't execute public officials for humor in poor taste... Rep. Dennis Cardoza has two little PETA members on his hands. [Roll Call]

* Reliable Source: You're beautiful, whether you like it or not... Be on the look-out for a rejuvenated Dave Chapelle: he's popping up everywhere. [WP]

* Yeas and Nays: Fox News lets Trump voice his prediction of a Rudy/Hillary showdown, propagates idea that Trump's opinion matters... NASA is trying to tame their astronauts gone wild... Library of Congress interns find some artifacts... National Republican Senatorial Committee launches an internet attack against Al Franken... K Street to receive another look under the lens. [Examiner]

* Shenanigans:David Pogue: true iPod enthusiast or book hawker?... ABC has a porn problem... Renegade member of the EPA Michael T. Eckhart wanted war and he got it.


* Page Six:Hillary Clinton is ready for a smack-down with Judith Giuliani. [NYP]


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