Free All-You-Can-Eat Viagra For The Unemployed

  • American celebrity/journalist Roxana Saberi arrived in Vienna following her release from Iranian prison. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Republicans back the CIA in the case of "she said/they said" surrounding Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the spy agency, and torture. [AP]
  • The question of where to put Guantanamo detainees makes simpering NIMBYs out of the staunchest Democrats. [Washington Post]
  • The president again called for more regulation of the credit card industry, so now he has said those mean things and the credit card industry can get back to the hard work of fleecing consumers. [Washington Post]
  • Pfizer is literally giving away drugs to the jobless. In San Francisco, this is called "the social safety net." [Star-Ledger]
  • Swine flu caused the shut down of three New York schools, and some gal brought a special case of New York commemorative swine flu back with her to Peru. [Bloomberg]
  • Wonkette is "beneath contempt" for linking to a news report. [Gawker]

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