Free At Last

* Can't wait to see John Travolta in drag? Actually feel revolted by the possibility, but enjoy free movies? Free screening of "Hairspray" with Tracy Turnblad and John Waters look-alike contests starts tonight at 6:30. [Arlington Cinema N Drafthouse]

* Free food, Caribbean music, and beer will be the mainstay of the Gordon Biersch Sommerfest Tapping Party. Free from 5:30-7:30 -- and did we mention the new summer beer? [City


* Go, Red Racer, go! Red Racer, The Mishaps, and Spit Hot Fire on the backstage. Tickets are $8, show's at 9:00. [Black Cat]

* If you're as obsessed with Venezuela as the intern is, or even if you're not, Venezuelan Sounds '07 (it's free!) will force you to dance. The Venezuelan group Eleggua and New York-based The Brother Ah Ensemble will perform, 7:30. [Lincoln Theatre]


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