Free Films at the National Geographic, Tuesdays at Noon!
  • Tuesday, March 31: Since the beginning of March, National Geographic Society has been playing films, TV programs and documentaries for free every Tuesday at noon for the Golden Triangle lunch crowd. Catch the Naked Science episode on time machines, then spend the rest of your day thinking about the space-time continuum. [NG]
  • Wednesday, April 1: The Ripley Center will be playing Qadir -- An Afghan Ulysses, a Greek film about this Afghan guy who escapes to Greece and finally gets his green card, leaves the country and returns to his homeland to see if his fambam has survived the Taliban rule. 7PM, $13. [Smithsonian]
  • Wednesday, April 1: Catch the premiere of Polis Is This, a documentary about WWII politician-turned-poet Charles Olson by filmmaker Henri Ferrini, on local TV channel WHUT TV at 8PM. Olson became a poet after "losing his faith in humanism" after the bomb dropped in Hiroshima. Who wouldn't? [Polis]

  • Last chance: Graham Caldwell's exhibit Light Field View is ending on April 4, so head to the G Fine Art Gallery if you can. Caldwell's large-scale sculptures are made of glass and steel molded into interesting shapes and textures, so resist the urge to smash them with your bare hands. [G Fine Art]
  • Find out what 1950s America looked like in the National Gallery of Art's exhibit of photography by Robert Frank, "The Americans." It's a collection of pictures he took for the book he published by the same name exactly 50 years ago, and lets just say this -- be glad you weren't alive in those times, cuz the pics are totally depressing. Until April 26. [NGA]

  • Check out Peter Frischmuth's Before and After pics of Kreuzberg, a district surrounded by the Berlin Wall in the center of Berlin! Hint: there may or may not be a Wal-Mart in the After pics. Until May 21. [Goethe-Institut

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