Free (Hot, Naked) Jeff Gannon

gannonnekked.jpgWell, we asked for full frontal on fake conservative reporter Jeff Gannon, but we didn't really think we were going to get it. Seriously, looks like all of Karl Rove's plans are coming to fruition! Step one: distract the lefties with pictures of cock!

In any event: Jeff Gannon/JG Duckert is our hero -- and he should be a hero to bloggers everywhere. If a loon hooker, working under a pseudonym for a made-up news organization, can spend his days being buddy-buddy with Scott McClellan and George Bush, why, anything can happen for the rest of us!

So we raise our glasses to Jeff Gannon. We want more ass-fuckers in the White House, not fewer! Also? Anyone who apparently commands $1200 for a weekend of outcalls demands our respect.

A man called Jeff [Americablog]


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