Free (Pictures of) Tickets To Sarah Palin's Michele Bachmann Rally!

Free (Pictures of) Tickets To Sarah Palin's Michele Bachmann Rally!

  • In a major catastrophe expected to drop the city's IQ by more than 51%, Republican wingnut stars Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann will appear together at some dumb rally next Wednesday at the Minneapolis Convention Center (Hall D, for "Dummies"). And thanks to Wonkette operative "J.M.," we've got scans of the rally tickets for you to, uh, look at. Or maybe try to use 'em for real, by printing them out (5.5" x 2") on the same kind of cheap two-sided glossy laser-printer photo paper used by the real GOP of Minnesota! Then you can scalp them, right outside the convention center! Ten bucks a ticket! Insist on Gold Coins. [Craigslist]

  • The Family Research Council has instructed its far-right members to quit giving money to the RNC, because Republicans just spend all the donations at lesbian-bondage strip clubs in West Hollywood, which doesn't respect Our Family Values. [Talking Points Memo]
  • Important webzine the New York Times reports on a hot new journamalism career trend: gossip bloggers! They are like traditional reporters, but with jobs. SLOW NEWS DAY HUH? [NYT]
  • What's with those misspelled words the Tea Party people love so much? [Gawker]

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