Free Republic Fatties Think Obesity Epidemic Is Fake

Free Republic Fatties Think Obesity Epidemic Is Fake

The proto-teabaggers at America's oldest wingnut web forum have carefully considered this whole "obesity epidemic" thing -- and they'vedecided it's all a hoax. If there are so many obese people everywhere, then wouldn't everybody be fat? Oh, everybody's fat? Okay then, well riddle them this: If people are fat, and liberal women like Michelle Obama are trying to tell fat people to eat less servings of chicken-fried steak and two-liter bottles of Mountain Dew every day at breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert and "fourthmeal," then isn't it much more likely that people are really obese because of a secret "infectious source" that the government should get out of the way to let government scientists solve, in a medical laboratory somewhere? Join us for a mystical voyage through the logic channels of the Free Republic.

  • The non-existent obesity epidemic is just another excuse for those who want to control our lives to get our permission to tell us how to live. Too many people are willing to go along with what the "experts" say when it comes to health. Whenever "everybody knows" something is true, that is the time to question it.
  • First, I do agree that folks talking about the obesity epidemic are trying to control our lives. But I don't agree about that there isn't an obesity problem. It exists, but life-style changes won't fix it. There is reason to believe that there is an infectious source to some of the obesity problem: see .... It'd be nice if the politicians would stop worrying about obesity and let the scientist work on the problem.
  • Hey, I’m in shape. (Round is a shape.)
  • The young are flat out fat, because their parents cannot say NO to anything their little hearts desire. I have 5 children, 4 of them are borderline morbidly obese. They lived with their mother most of their lives, and she pampered them, fed them the most fattening things I could imagine. If you are familiar with “Schwans” food delivery, you know how rich and sweet their products are. Want a treat, have a 400 calorie popsicle, or a couple of soda pops and a candy bar. When I was younger, if you wanted a candy bar and pop, you bought it yourself, out of your own money....and that money did NOT come from mom or dad. Meals were served three times a day, and you ate then, or starved. We were kicked out of the house in the A.M. to play, or get stuck cleaning or mowing the lawn, picking weeds, or even painting a fence. TV was shut off all day.
  • 1 out of every 3 women at my large corporation, are not just overweight... they are rotund and obese. With all that blubber, they look to me, like Walruses. and yet, 60 minutes does a piece last week about hunger in America... so which is it? I think it’s fat... America is fat..mostly due to junk food diets, soda pop, and television.
  • This is an attempt at linkage. AIDS treatment costs a lot of money and is going to cost more. AIDS is linked to behavior. They’re trying to say that catching AIDS is the same as being obese. They’re just trying to justify the behavior and the cost.
  • 25 years ago you could go 30 days without seeing a 250 lb women. Go to any shopping center today, and it won't take 30 seconds. A 300 lb housewife buckling the stands at my niece's soccer games is commonplace. At 350 I rarely bat an eye. You'd expect a sense of shame, but instead find them strutting in miniskirts and knee high boots. At Wal Mart, when they asked me "paper or plastic?", I assumed it was for a barf bag. I'd venture to say in the last 25 years, the average weight of a housewife has doubled, if not more.

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