Freepers Just Brainstorming Some GOP Marketing Ideas, That's All

Freepers Just Brainstorming Some GOP Marketing Ideas, That's All

Let's see let's see what will make Americans realize that getting some basic assurances of health care in this country is a super-bad & extra-terrible thing?

Uhh ... health insurance for poor people causes delayed meeting with the Lord Jesus, in space? How about overpopulation, is that something we're for or against? Against? Shit okay think think think -- Mark Kirk's already doing that "restore the pre-existing conditon" thing, right? And we're ... for that, because of whatever, Liberty? Okay but we need our own thing, uhhhh ... we still do that racist thing where we call minorities racist for being against racism, right? Okay let's go with that, "Obamacare Is Slavery," perfect, good work everybody.

OH WAIT, some of you have even *better* ideas?

Jeff Head had the best meme for this: Obamacare - The Final Solution.

That is good. Because you want something catchy, and not too hyperbolic, and of course nothing that would offend anybody, or that, say, mocks the extermination of six million Jewish people. Do we still believe in the Holocaust? Right, right, not that much, but enough to keep in line with AIPAC, so Jesus can return to slaughter the Jews once and for all. Okay, breakout sessions! [Free Republic via Wonkette operative "Ty B."]


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