French Politics in Second Life Exactly the Same as French Politics in Real Life

ART IS DEAD, LET'S LIBERATE OUR SECOND LIFE - WonkettePOP QUIZ: Where does this scene take place?

The clash started on a January morning when protesters attacked the cyberspace headquarters of extremist French presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen....

Le Pen security forces responded with push guns, whimsical digital weapons that tossed bodies through the air "like rag dolls," according to one witness. Protesters fought back with pig grenades, firing fat pink porkers that exploded in neon pink splatters. When the shooting ended, Le Pen's headquarters lay in ruins, deserted by staff and guards.

If you said Second Life, the depressing multiplayer online game with the "game" bit replaced with perversion and desperation, you're wrong. This was actually on the streets of Paris and Chris Marker is making a 4-hour film-essay about it right now.

French Politics in 3-D on Fantasy Web Site [WP]


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