Fresh from Minnesota: Sen. Larry Craig's Court Documents!


Now that a Minnesota judge has put the smackdown on Sen. Larry Craig and his lame plea reversal to charges of bathroom butt hunting, let's look at the details: The 27-page court order visits the officer's original report (I saw his blue eyes peeping into my stall!), Craig's abusive, demeaning language (Fuck you, pigs, I'm innocent! He solicited me!) and more about his swishy handjive (What was he attempting actually...a reach around? A reach under?). Anyway, at the very end off the court order, the ACLU weighs in and says the conviction should be void (phew!). Then they turn around and throw Craig under the bus, citing some random court decision. Apparently people who have consensual sex in public bathrooms have a reasonable expectation of privacy? Awesome.



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