Bored with work? Still despondent over our nation's shaming by Ghana? Your choices for free entertainment today include:

  • At the goofiest wonk panel ever, the Heritage Foundation welcomes Rush Limbaugh, Michael Chertoff, and President Charles Logan to chat about 24. Torture a terrorist for free admittance!

  • White House South Lawn Tee-Ball Madness! It's the McGuire Air Force Base Little League Yankees against the Dolcom Little League Indians -- and when it's Yanks versus Indians and the federal government's involved, the smart money's always on the Yankees.

Of course, your chances of getting into either event are slim to nil, but go ahead and crash, we're sure they'd love to have you.

'24' and America's Image in Fighting Terrorism [Heritage]

White House South Lawn Tee Ball [White House]


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