Friday Fun With Headlines and Blogger Jargon

los%20angeles%20times%20yanks%20columnist%27s%20blog%202.JPGThey did that while fisking him. Then they blogrolled him onto his stomach, and pinged him so hard, he couldn't walk right for a week...

Oh yeah, the article from the Post is worth reading too. It's about Michael Hiltzik, a Los Angeles Times blogger who posted comments on both his blog and other blogs using pseudonyms. As Howie Kurtz explains, "[t]he deceptive postings grew out of a running feud between Hiltzik and conservative bloggers in Southern California," namely, Hugh Hewitt and Patrick Frey (Patterico's Pontifications). This violated the L.A. Times policy that requires "editors and reporters to identify themselves when dealing with the public."

Please note that such apolicy is strictly an MSM thing. Your editors reserve the right to post comments to this blog, using assumed names, in which they rave about their brilliant and hilarious blogging. Thank you.

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